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My name's Anouska Taylor.  I'm an Executive Voice Coach, Jungian Life Coach (using the work of Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung) and Singer-Songwriter.  
I've been training voices around the world for more than 15 years and training my own voice and singing since I was 10 years old.
I'm passionate about awakening people to the potential and power of their unique voice.
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My Story

The voice in all its forms has always fascinated me.  I spent my childhood taking singing and speech & drama classes, performing in concerts, music competitions & musical theatre shows.  I even enrolled in a Toastmasters public speaking course as a teenager.  
While living in Melbourne, Australia, I began my voice teacher training in 2009.  Initially my focus was on training singers before expanding my coaching business to work with speakers.
Although singing has always come very naturally to me, public speaking was a different story.  
Outwardly I may have appeared confident but inside I felt it wasn't safe to express myself fully. There were "negative" consequences...criticism, shame, blame, ridicule or just rejection.  
As a result I was the ultimate people-pleaser and avoided conflict at all costs, creating a lot of anxiety and fear within me.  It was severely impacting my personal and professional life, as I found myself walking on eggshells around people to avoid upsetting them.  
It was only after the unexpected death of my parents that I decided enough-was-enough and something had to change.  There had to be a more expansive and empowered way of being. 
It was during this challenging time I discovered Jungian psychology and started on the path of individuation.  I also began my training to coach others using this transformational psychology (alongside traditional voice coaching).  

Fast forward 10 years and I'm a very different person, although my passion for voice remains unabated. I began songwriting during lockdown and have since released 7 singles, with more on the way.
I'm passionate about helping clients reconnect to their personal power and as a by-product... their authentic speaking voice.
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