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My approach to training voices is unique and transformational.  
I'll help you to reclaim your authentic speaking voice by exploring both your current limiting physical vocal habits (the symptom), and the underlying unconscious emotional patterns holding them in place (the cause).
Only then can you show up in your power and experience the freedom of authentic expression.
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Voice production

The focus here is on developing a healthy vocal technique when speaking, by combining the 3 sub-systems of voice production - respiration, phonation and resonation.  Not only are we exploring your voice but also the wider body-system that impacts its function. This allows you to access your most reliable, clear, powerful and free speaking voice (regardless of accent).


Creative expression

It's not enough just to have an optimal vocal technique, your voice is an emotional instrument.  You must connect to the hearts (and minds) of your audience or listener. Here we utilise paralinguistic tools (e.g. pace, pauses, pitch) to help you access greater expression, energy, dynamics and melody when speaking.


True confidence

Utilising the work of Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung (within a coaching model), here we explore what is unconsciously holding your current vocal habits in place. Your vocal habits aren't random and have been created (unconsciously) by you to emotionally protect you. True confidence and empowerment comes from integrating all parts of yourself and this will profoundly impact the freedom and expression in your voice.

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If you're interested in private voice coaching, please schedule a session here.

For all general, corporate, group voice coaching or speaking enquiries, please send me a message!

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