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Reclaim Your Voice

Speak With Unshakeable Confidence
Would you like to elevate your vocal delivery and make a bigger impact when you speak?

My name's Anouska Taylor, Executive Voice Coach, Jungian Life Coach and Singer-Songwriter.  I help ambitious professionals reclaim their authentic speaking voice, so they feel more empowered and confident to express themselves in any situation.
Whether you're delivering a captivating keynote, motivating your team, persuading investors, leading a company or inspiring your audience, I can help. 

However I'm no ordinary voice coach, this is deep, transformational work.
Your current vocal habits are reflecting what you feel and believe about yourself at the deepest level, so to create lasting change you must go within.
As you reconnect to your authentic self, you show up differently and your true voice powerfully emerges.


Send me an audio for personalised feedback to improve your voice.


If you want to make the biggest impact when you speak, you must reclaim your authentic speaking voice.


Because this is where your voice feels, sounds and functions at its best. It's effortless, powerful, open, generous and expressive (regardless of accent).

It's also essential for authentic communication.  You allow your voice to be freely heard, even when it's challenging or vulnerable.

Why do we abandon our authentic speaking voice?

In short because our ego is focused on survival.

Our early conditioning taught us what was socially adaptive. T
his fear feeds into our vocal habits unconsciously to keep us safe.

Yet we've no idea because it's often unconscious. We think that's "just the way my voice is".

Your voice never lies!

You can effect some surface change but the more pervasive vocal habits are driven unconsciously and will hinder your true authentic expression.

For this reason I combine the physical aspects of voice training (technique, vocal function and vocal exercises) with the deeper emotional integration.

From this new place of wholeness, the by-product is a powerful, clear, confident and expressive voice.
"Anouska has given me an understated confidence and the psychology behind what she does is so interesting and helps improve your communication skills not just professionally but in all areas of your life." 

Suzanne Berry, Company Director

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If you're interested in private voice coaching, please schedule a session here.

For all general, corporate, group voice coaching or speaking enquiries, please send me a message!

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